The connecting point of the global supply network

Thanks to our connections with the World leading chemical producers and our strong supply network, we stand by our manufacturers as the most reliable solution partner for our customers.

True Supply Partner

Thanks to our technological infrastructure, we make your supply processes with maximum traceability for you and keep you offer proactive solutions.


We are your eyes! We constantly monitor polymer markets to find the best deals for your business. With our extensive network of petrochemical suppliers in the Americas, Europe, the Middle East and Asia, we enable you to take advantage of trade changes and currency movements.

Need-oriented product development

Our customers needs are our top priority. We work with you in terms of production efficiency, competitiveness, quality and product development.

Technical Services

We determine all the technical services needed by our customers remotely or on site, we provide support with our expert staff and increase production efficiency.

High Operational Logistics Solutions

We decide together the most efficient logistics management for you however we minimize time, cost and lead times.

Versatile Logistics Services

Together with our own operational capability and partners, we deliver the goods at the port, free zone warehouse and even to the supply point of your facility.

We have all the additives you are looking for

We are one of the most important distributors of Akdeniz Kimya, one of the world's leading stabilizer manufacturers. It produces Calcium/Zinc, organic and lead based stabilizers in modern production facilities which are continuously developed. In addition, Akdeniz Kimya, which manufactures most of its intermediate raw materials in its own body, is the most advanced company in the world in this field.

About Us

A new value that will lead the sector with its broad vision is being born. We add value to PVC production with an understanding that blends the years of experience with technology.

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