General Conditions of Sale

General Conditions of Sale

GENERAL CONDITIONS OF SALE 1. Subject and Scope 1.1. Kimyager Kimya Sanayi A.Ş. (hereinafter referred to as the “SELLER”) period sells period products, raw materials, materials and services and these sales depend on the nature of commercial life. other form agreed with the BUYER in order to be tied to the written conditions in accordance with the to make reference to the general sales conditions set forth in this agreement and/or to the provisions of this contract by placing the contract on the website. makes it binding between them. The subject and purpose of this contract is between the parties. is to determine the terms of sale in general terms. 1.2. This Agreement and the General Conditions of Sale contained in the Agreement (hereinafter “GSK”) (hereinafter referred to as "Buyer"), all "BUYERS" who want to purchase the SELLER&39;s products, goods and services. with the conditions specified in the offer forms and other contracts in all sales to be made for will be valid together. 1.3. General Conditions of Sale, other agreements, if any, between the SELLER and the BUYER, It is an integral part of contracts. Unless there is a written agreement to the contrary, the BUYER, for other future agreements between the Parties, if it accepts the GSKs. will also apply

GENERAL CONDITIONS OF SALE 1. Subject and Scope 1.1. Kimyager Kimya Sanayi A.Ş. (hereinafter referred to as the "SELLER") sells products, raw materials, materials and services from time to time and to refer to the general sales conditions set forth in this contract in other forms and contracts agreed with the BUYERS in order to bind these sales to written conditions in accordance with the nature of commercial life; and/ or by placing this sales contract on its website, it makes the provisions of this contract binding between them. The subject and purpose of this contract is to determine the general terms of sale between the parties. 1.2. This Agreement and the General Sales Conditions (hereinafter referred to as “GSK”) will be valid for all sales to be made for all “BUYERS” who want to purchase the SELLER's products, goods and services, together with the conditions specified in the offer forms and other contracts. . 1.3. General Conditions of Sale, other agreements, if any, between the SELLER and the BUYER are an integral part of these agreements. Unless there is a written agreement to the contrary, if the BUYER accepts the GSKs, it will also apply to other contracts to be made between the Parties in the future. 2. Definitions Buyer: Direct Debit System (“DBS”) of the company, firm, organization and/or real person who wants to buy products, goods or services that ordered: One of the dealers and distributors from which companies with widespread dealers and sales organizations sell goods and services. It is an automatic collection system, the details of which will be arranged with 2 or 3 sided contracts to be drawn up between the relevant bank, the BUYER and the SELLER, which ensures that the receivables are covered by the guarantee up to the credit limit allocated in favor of the dealer and automatically transferred from the dealer accounts to the main company account. Services: Services defined in the Seller's offer. Parties: Refers to the mention of the Seller and the Buyer together.

3. Offer and Order Process 3.1. Orders are made by the BUYER using the SELLER's order form. Unless approved in writing by the SELLER, orders do not impose any liability on the SELLER. The SELLER has the right to reject the order without giving reasons. The fact that the SELLER processes an order that is not arranged through its own order form does not mean that it complies with the order and the conditions in the order form. 3.2. Even if the SELLER has accepted the order, in accordance with the operational, technical, financial or legal situation changes, if these make it unable to fulfill the order or if an unforeseen performance obstacle occurs at the time of order or a force majeure event as defined in the contract and application, it will inform the BUYER and place the order. can cancel. 3.3. The price offer, brochure, product catalog etc. sent to the BUYER by the SELLER. It does not imply an offer of sale. 3.4. Any payment made by the BUYER without the written consent of the SELLER does not mean that a sales relationship has been established or that a vested right has been granted to the BUYER. 3.5. The prices announced at the offer stage are for informational purposes and will not be binding on the SELLER. It is possible to change the previously reported prices and does not put the SELLER under any obligation unless agreed in writing by the SELLER. 3.6. If there is a detail regarding the maturity and payment terms in the offers, these will be valid with the sales conditions of the SELLER. 4. Approval 4.1. The order will enter into force as soon as the SELLER notifies that it has approved the orders in writing or via the e-mail address of the company officials. 4.2. The SELLER may request the BUYER to establish a guarantee in a manner and type deemed appropriate for its own benefit before or after giving approval to the Order Form. 4.3. In any order process; The SELLER is not responsible for errors (delay, wrong or incomplete declaration, material error, etc.) arising from BUYERs, authorized customer representatives, banks, communication systems (fax, cargo, mail, etc.). 5. Cancellation of Order Cancellation of the order is subject to the written approval of the SELLER. Even if the order is canceled by the BUYER for an unfair reason and the SELLER agrees to the cancellation of the sale, the BUYER shall compensate the SELLER for the damages arising from the cancellation of this order. In this case, the SELLER undertakes to pay a penalty not less than 25% of the total sales price and to cover all other losses of the SELLER. In the event that the BUYER deposits a guarantee, with the approval of the SELLER, the penal clause amount and the SELLER's loss can be deducted from the security amount.

6. Calculation of the Sales Price 6.1. The selling price of the products is the price excluding taxes agreed to be valid for a certain period of time on or before the firm ordering date. 6.2. Comply with billing, sales price of goods and legislation

It is made by calculating all liabilities such as taxes, duties and fees to be applied. The fact that the price, number of products or tax duties and charges are incorrectly or incompletely arranged in the invoices does not constitute a right in favor of the BUYER. The SELLER can always correct the relevant issue by issuing an additional or new invoice in the form of a correction invoice. The necessary information and documents for the invoices are provided by the SELLER and the BUYER, and the invoices are issued in accordance with the relevant legislation. 6.3. If the default interest rate written on the invoice is changed by the SELLER, the new default interest rates are notified to the BUYER in writing. The default interest rates notified and announced to the BUYERS are applied to the BUYERS as of the date of change. CUSTOMERS cannot raise any objections against the unilateral change of the default interest rates by the SELLER. 7. Payment 7.1. Unless otherwise agreed, the price of the approved orders is paid in advance and/or in deferred payment depending on the SELLER's approval, after the invoicing process and before the goods are delivered. 7.2. Depending on the request of the BUYER and the acceptance of the SELLER; Payments for forward sales can be made with DBS deferred credit, bank letter of guarantee or alternative financing instruments. 7.3. The payment period is specified in the proforma invoice to be issued. If a period is not specified in the price offer, payment must be made within 7 days at the most from the moment the contract is concluded. Due to delayed payments, the BUYER immediately defaults and applies a 5% default interest to the SELLER for each month of delay. 7.4. BUYER's term debts; before their due dates, they can apply to the SELLER's Accounting department in writing or by e-mail and, provided that the SELLER's written approval is obtained, they can extend the monthly interest rate applied by the SELLER by paying the interest and VAT in advance. Accepting the extension request is at the sole discretion of the SELLER. 7.5. Partial payments to be made by the defaulting BUYER are primarily deducted from the accrued interest charges. 7.6. The SELLER may request a guarantee from the BUYER, without prejudice to its right to cancel the order and other rights due to the BUYER's default. 7.7. In the event that the SELLER's losses arise due to the BUYER's default, the SELLER may claim compensation. 7.8. Unless the SELLER explicitly accepts it in writing, the BUYER cannot deduct the amounts to be paid by the receivables from the SELLER.

7.9. In the payments made, the BUYER shall indicate which product purchase and invoice the payment amount belongs to. In cases where the payment made is not specified for which product purchase and invoice, the initiative to set this off against the debt it wishes belongs to the SELLER. 7.10. All kinds of taxes (VAT, SCT, etc.), duties, fees and other expenses arising from sales belong to the BUYER. 7.11. In case the foreign currency debt is not paid on time, the BUYER, in addition to his other responsibilities, is obliged to pay the SELLER over the rate on the maturity date or the actual payment date, whichever is higher, and also to pay all the accessories arising from the relevant legislation. 7.12. For debts not paid on due date, the monthly foreign currency and Turkish Lira delay and extension interests announced by the SELLER and valid for all BUYERs are applied from the due date and in the currency in which the forward purchase is made. The default interest rates to be applied for debts not paid on due date are shown on the invoice issued in the currency of the forward order. In forward sales, unpaid debts and late interest are paid in the currency specified in the order document. 7.13. For payments made in different currencies, the difference between the current CBRT selling rate on the date of payment and the CBRT selling rate the next day is requested from the BUYER by issuing an invoice. 7.14. BUYERS, in case their term debts are not paid; They accept and undertake that they will not take any action for any reason whatsoever (Economic crisis, high-rate devaluation, etc.) in order to prevent the bank letters of guarantee given to the SELLER regarding the purchases of goods on credit terms. 8. Place and Date of Delivery The SELLER accepts and undertakes to deliver the goods on the date and in the manner determined in the contract and/or its annexes. If the SELLER delivers before the agreed date, the BUYER cannot avoid receiving the goods. Otherwise, it is considered to be in default. All responsibility for not receiving the goods on time belongs to the BUYER. 9. Delivery, Risk and Ownership 9.1. Delivery is agreed upon by the parties in each transaction, unless otherwise agreed. Delivery, handling, loading, unloading and transportation costs and charges belong to the BUYER unless otherwise agreed in writing. 9.2. The place of delivery of the products and goods subject to the contract is the workplace of the SELLER or the port, warehouse and warehouses to be specified by the SELLER. The goods are delivered based on the BUYER's loading request. The BUYER is responsible for the delivery of the goods as specified.